Notable features

Scattered Steams / Dense Water track placed 62nd on the XLR8R top downloads of 2017 chart
Broken Mamori EP track-by-track description on Dance Like Shaquille O’Neal [italian]
Scattered Steams / Dense Water music video promoted with free download track on XLR8R
Broken Mamori EP review on Sentireascoltare [italian]
Scattered Steams / Dense Water track promoted on Resident Advisor
Beyond Stolen Notes album review on Rockit.it [italian]
Beyond Stolen Notes album review on Sentireascoltare [italian]
Live show broadcasted on Musical Box episode 29/06/2015 on Radio2 [italian]
Beyond Stolen Notes album track-by-track description on Nothing But Hope And Passion
Beyond Stolen Notes album review on ziguline [italian]
Haneda track featured on Babylon episode 30/05/2015 (part. 2) on Radio2 [italian]
Beyond Stolen Notes album track-by-track description on Dance Like Shaquille O’Neal [italian]
Beyond Stolen Notes album exclusive full streaming on Earmilk
Urbinian track promoted on Indie Shuffle
Hills Are Floating track promoted on Earmilk
Hills Are Floating track promoted on Nothing But Hope And Passion
Live show broadcasted on Live Is More // ON AIR episode #4 on m2o
Appearance on Grabber Soul 1st Italian Beat Makers Convention documentary on Red Bull [italian]
Hotaru track featured on Musical Box episode 25/04/2014 on Radio2 [italian]
Hotaru track promoted on Deer Waves [italian]
Winter Train track featured on The Guardian as one of nine must-listen new tracks from around the world
Winter Train track placed 57th on the XLR8R top downloads of 2013 chart
Flying Tissue track featured on Bandcamp Weekly episode #53
Elsewhere EP featured on Finest Ego
Elsewhere EP review on Dance Like Shaquille O’Neal [italian]
Winter Train track promoted as free download on XLR8R

Interviews / Mixtapes

Stereofox (interview + exclusive mixtape)
Parkett (MyZone) [italian]
Feline Wood [italian]
RDSNT (video interview + live) [italian]
Tsinoshi Bar (video interview) [italian]
Electric Lorem (audio interview + exclusive mixtape) [italian]
Nerto [italian]
Dance Like Shaquille O’Neal [italian]
Relaux (interview + exclusive mixtape)
Broke Beats

Nerto lvcst.17
Panorama Musique Radio #42
RadioEco Demography #198
Inner Feels Warm (Further Future Exclusive Mix)
Maria Antonietta Shop
Tsinoshi Podcast #22
Beat Machine Records: The Tape #8
DhARMA: The Looking Glass #29
Hot Viruz Podcast #20