Stèv (Stefano Fagnani)

Music producer / Sound designer / Audio programmer

Born and raised in a city between the hills and the sea, the evolution of Stèv’s perspective led him to a deep understanding of the potential dialogue between nature and technology. Whilst his musical investigation has been focusing on exploring the integration of acoustic elements into electronics and sound design, the need of balancing the intensity of life of metropolis with the open sky and huge green areas of his hometown defined his sound further into a precise blend of daydreaming atmospheres and clean textural research.

Stefano is a multi-instrumentalist and producer, with a sound engineering background: he delves deep into the world of sound, intrigued not only by melodies and harmonies but also by its manipulation, constantly working his craft around many shades of modern composition and fresh sonorities while embracing synthesis and computer programming. His live show is a dense performance based on sound processing and on-the-fly rearrangement of studio material, fitting club DJ booths, stages and even theaters.

Starting from netlabels until being signed on Loci Records (label founded and owned by Emancipator), on which has two significant releases, Elsewhere EP and Beyond Stolen Notes album, he also got featured on the Project: Mooncircle Uprising compilation with the exclusive tune Paint Me Like The Sky. His track Winter Train placed 57th in the XLR8R top download chart of 2013, after only two weeks of presence on the website, and was picked up by The Guardian as one of the “nine must-listen new tracks from around the world”. Playing in several italian festivals, some Berlin venues, Tokyo innovative club 2.5D and renowned Circus headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka, he found himself sharing the stage with names such as Alex Banks, Phon.o, Clap! Clap!, Synkro, Romare, Shigeto and in 2016 he was invited to perform in USA for the first time at Further Future festival in Las Vegas, alongside artists as Four Tet, Nicolas Jaar, Daedelus, Andy Stott, Telefon Tel Aviv, The Pharcyde and Caribou.

Stèv is now a collaborative member and A&R of the label Variables, besides being an active artist. His EP Broken Mamori was the first release of the Turin-based collective: a record which revolves around six intense tracks and has been promoted on Resident Advisor and XLR8R along with the single Scattered Steams / Dense Water, enlightened by a breathtaking computer graphic music video realized by the visual artist Cy Tone.

Away from his personal discography, Stefano works regularly as freelance music and sound design professional for multimedia projects, as well as co-producer and sound engineer.