VST3 / Audio Unit / AUv3  |  K-Devices  |  Latest update: February 7, 2023
C++ development, GUI implementation and iOS porting

Reverb-like, big shaking auras, or sprinkle air and make your lines ethereal.
Developed in partnership with K-Devices.

“It’s clever that K-Devices doesn’t put its new plugin in an effect category. Thus it remains open to what exactly Magma is. It can do a lot and is certainly a creative inspiring effect plugin.”
– Synth Anatomy


Modulators 21

Max For Live  |  K-Devices  |  Latest update: June 8, 2021
Max/MSP development and JavaScript implementation

6 devices conceived to shine a new light on the power of modulation. 
Developed in partnership with K-Devices.

“K-Devices lifts the modulation level in Ableton Live with its new Modulators 21, a supercharged M4L toolbox.”
– Synth Anatomy

Floating Amp

Max For Live, open source  |  Self-released  |  Latest update: April 05, 2021
Max/MSP development

A device which implements the concept of unquantized amplitude variations.

Halved Arpeggios

Max For Live, open source  |  Self-released  |  Latest update: April 14, 2021
Max/MSP development

MIDI 8-step sequencer aimed to light up inspiration.

Plaits Models utility

Max For Live, open source  |  Self-released  |  Latest update: April 21, 2021
Max/MSP development

Utility to control Mutable Instrument Plaits ‘Model’ parameter.

Free downloadRepository
Requires Ableton Live, Max For Live, MIDI/CV interface


Documented proofs of concepts and private tools.
Unreleased or unmaintained.

Performance Controller

Private / unreleased  |  Latest update: March 2, 2022
Max/MSP development

Control surface for live performances based on iPad and Mira.

Mixer section with 4 busses, 2 aux send and dynamic routing
10 mappable MIDI parameters with motion recording and morphing
Clips and session controls via Ableton Live Object Model


Orca Phase Sequencer

Latest update: November 26, 2019

A two voices MIDI sequencer with phase shifting capabilities.