Aequitas Orbis OST – OUT NOW!

I wrote, produced and engineered the whole music and sound design behind the videogame Aequitas Orbis, the first effort of the indie game company Ludi Dorici, based in Ancona! The game is out now and available to buy on Steam and the soundtrack album can be purchased as DLC along with the game or, alternatively, on my Bandcamp page!

Buy with the game on Steam
Buy the soundtrack on Bandcamp

1 – Aequitas Orbis
2 – Intergalactic BANG!
3 – 1000 A S T E R O EEE D S
4 – 80s_Bits
5 – tRRRRR
6 – Laserbeeeeams
7 – Aequitas Credits

Mixed and mastered by Stefano Fagnani

Artwork by Raffaele Paolucci

I’m constantly pursuing the vision of music as a soundtrack for daily life and, on my professional side, I’m always looking forward to create actual soundtracks and sound design for any kind of multimedia projects, being them apps, websites and – my major aim – videogames and films! For this project, I’ve created a whole album of tunes inspired by chiptune, synthwave and old arcade machines: I felt really excited when I first started cause I’m an huge videogame fan and the gaming culture has played an important role in my early life and left me an huge imprint. My music reflects the game’s aesthetic, recalling tonal segments of nostalgic arcade sounds but incorporating and processing them throughout modern technologies and tools.