Broken Mamori – OUT NOW!

Broken Mamori is officially available from today on Variables​ in both digital and limited 180gr vinyl releases! You can buy it from the label Bandcamp page.

01 – Dune
02 – Slowmotion Falling (Violin by Jhon Montoya​)
03 – Scattered Steams / Dense Water
04 – Imploding Purple Clouds
05 – Eyelids (Instrumental variation)
06 – Ame (雨) (Words by Aya Shigefuji)

Mixed and mastered by Stefano Genta
Artwork by Carola Demarchi

I feel Broken Mamori is a new important chapter, a new main step from a grown up perspective, in which I blend my consciousness with my music completely: an instant breath that made me realize the importance of stepping toward my path according to my feelings and my perspective, following nothing more than my own intuitions, spreading the shades of my inner being with every single sound, every choice and every spontaneous movement my sonic character leads me to. Though this is not a message from a lone wolf—instead, the courage that an artist might need to be himself is often coming from the people who surround him and their support, through their unintentional inspiration, them being artists themselves or just friends, or maybe even strangers who are spotted doing anything that could potentially turn meaningful!

This record, especially, connected important people in my life with each other. I was fortunate to play Further Future Festival, in Las Vegas, Nevada, but an important meet-up also took place that week: my dear friend (and manager) Lueda Alia, my dear friend (mix engineer and label head) Stefano Genta and I shared a surreal and incredible experience all together! That part of life, as for most of the things happened the last year, affected my consciousness deeply, and I realized the importance of being surrounded by real people who exhibit true passion for what they’re doing.

‘Broken Mamori’ is driven by love, by real support, by the absorption into a family, whether it being a community, a team, a circle of friends, or long term connections across time and space, by the importance of art as a gift to enlighten the world and to create a bubble where people who look for peace are able to find their shelter, even if it’s just for the length of a song.

It might sound darker, but in fact, it’s all about the contrast—when you might perceive shadow just thank the bright light that allows your senses to perceive it and your emotions to relieve and ride the tide!

I want to thank all the special people who are supporting me and I want to give special thanks to everyone who I’m working with (you know who you are) for trusting my music and helping it reaching new levels, through passion and effort! This release represents, above all, a celebration of the bonds connecting passionate people and I couldn’t be more grateful for the ones who surround me!