New video on XLR8R

I’m so proud to share with you the new official videoclip for my track “Scattered Steams / Dense Water”, realized by visual artist Cy Tone and premiering worldwide today on XLR8R!
You can check it out here!

The amazing video for “Scattered Steams / Dense Water” was realized by the talented visual artist Cy Tone, who immediately got the mood of the record and of this particular tune, which is one of the most meaningful ones I’ve made until now. I’m completely stunned by how he caught the feelings behind the whole Broken Mamori record and blended them with his own perspective and inspirations. To me, this tune has always had a hint of time-eating, it extends itself throughout the whole duration, making it feel longer than the actual timing itself—and Cy captured this perfectly without even asking me about any guidelines. Another meaningful Broken Mamori-related milestone on how it’s beautiful to work with people who share the truthful passion for art.